9 Nov – 5 Dec

The Second Edition in Hong Kong

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All our partner bars will be serving a special menu with special cocktails for all the festival ticket holders. Each ticket comes with 10 or 20 e-tokens stored in the QR code of the ticket. You could redeem 1 cocktail on the HK Cocktail Weeks special menu with 3-6 e-tokens (depends on the cocktail of your choice) by presenting the QR code to the bars to scan.

If you are running out of e-tokens, no worry, you could top up the tokens in your QR code online here, anywhere, anytime, immediately through our online top up system. We have also prepared a special gift for you at our pop-up at K11 Art Mall, where we will have more activities like cocktail demonstrations and masterclasses for you to join. Hop around different bars to meet your favourite mixologists in town.

The Best Cocktails By

Award Winning Mixologists

General Information

Get Your Ticket online and use the QR code on the e-ticket to redeem and top up to enjoy cocktails from our partner bars in town. Each cocktail will cost 3 – 6 tokens. Top up by using our online top up system. No need to install any App on your phone, print out the paper ticket or keep the screenshoot to use the QR Code. 


9 Nov – 5 Dec 2021

Bar Hopper Pass

Early Bird Price: HK$380

(Original HK$420)

including 10 Tokens and WELCOME GIFT

Bar Runner Pass

Early Bird Price HK$680

(Original HK$760)

including 20 Tokens and Welcome Gift

Top Up

HK$30 per Token

The Best Cocktails By

Kocktail Museum @K11 Art Mall

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Special Events

To be Announced…

We are gathering the top mixologists to celebrate the second edition of HK Cocktail Weeks.